Course Overview

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You can test three German lessons of different levels right here for free.

Demo Lesson - Beginner
(Lesson: "Begrüßung"):

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How do people greet each other in Germany? How do they say goodbye? Are there differences between formal and informal language? What are simple phrases of small talk? Learn everything about the language used during a first encounter in Germany.


  • formal greeting and farewell
  • informal greeting and farewell

Demo Lesson - Intermediate
(Lesson: "Die erste Begegnung"):

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Alex is new in Berlin. By chance he meets Katja, an art student ...
Learn what to say when first meeting someone. Here you will learn important vocabulary. Take a look at the video and then practice with the interactive exercises.


  • welcome/greet
  • imagine
  • say goodbye
  • apologize
  • thank
  • arrange to meet
  • exchange phone numbers

Demo Lesson - Intermediate
(Lesson: "Autopanne"):

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Oh no, Sven and Juliane want to drive to the lake , but the car will not start. What could be broken and what should they do?
Learn vocabulary about driving and repairs. Practice what to do in the event of a broken down car and learn to discuss the different solutions.


  • Car breaks down, driving in general
  • Repairs to the car
  • find solutions
  • discuss

Demo Lesson - Advanced intermediate
(Lesson: "Planing of a concert"):

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Juliane and Stefan want to help Martin in the planning of his concert. What is there to be done and what should absolutely not be forgotten?
Learn about planning an event and to divide the tasks meaningful.


  • task allocation
  • organizing
  • event planning

Demo Lesson - Advanced
(Lesson: "Phrases and Idioms"):

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In order to understand the German language, you do not only need vocabulary but also need to understand certain idioms and phrases. In this lesson we focus on phrases that originate in two different areas: economy and wildlife.

Spoken language - phrases:

  • origin (economy, wildlife)
  • usage

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